Welcome to Frantiquities, where you can read my mind whenever I choose to share it with you. I’ve always enjoyed reading sex blogs and other places where you can really see right into the messy recesses of peoples minds. Frantiquities won’t really be a sex blog, because I don’t have an amazing sex life (or do I? haha, the anonymity has gone straight to my head!) but I will reveal my personal journey to understanding of relationships, men, women, sex, and all that raw interesting stuff.

I’m a male New Zealander currently living in Auckland, but beyond that I intend to be anonymous on this blog. Names and random details of the things I tell you will have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty alike.

Things I may write about:

  • relationships, sex, love
  • men and women
  • religion
  • my girlfriend
  • my living situation
  • anything that strikes my fancy

Things I probably won’t write about:

  • politics
  • current events
  • culture
  • university
  • my jobs
  • that awesome youtube video or viral picture I just received in my email

Comments are always appreciated. Note however that this is my private blog and I reserve the right to delete any comments I take a disliking to, for reasons including insufficient caffeine, temporary insanity and sheer perversity.

Happy reading,

Wolf Cub


~ by wolfcub on April 29, 2007.

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