Seduction Stories

We go back to my place, and she is a total freak …”

I find well-written seduction and pickup reports fascinating. The successful stories are cool, the unsuccessful stories are also interesting because you can try and figure out where the guys have gone wrong.

The following examples are from the forums, also called mASF (moderated Alt.Seduction.Fast).

She told me to stop DURING sex. WTF?

A guy has a great date, make-outs and foreplay, only for the girl to tell him to stop halfway through having great sex. He’s so confused and angry that he refuses to give her a ride to catch her last train home. Ouch.

“I’m getting into it, shes getting into it and starts moaning … After a couple of minutes, she stops, and says “Stop. I don’t feel like doing this.”

“You know what? Actually, I’m really pissed off. I’m not giving you a lift.”

Blowjob on the Beach
A guy and his wingman are having a great time and are about to hook up with two beach babes when a friend of the girls tries to cockblock the guys, only to be completely owned in response.

All of a sudden someone throws sand all over me, I turn around and this guy is standing over me.

Guy: Whoops, I was trying to hit my girlfriend. (sarcastically)
(I could tell she was not his girlfriend)
Me: Cool, man.
Guy: (Sticks out his hand)
Me: (We shake hands)…WOW, you’ve got rough hands….do you have a sand paper penis?
Beach Babes: Hahahaha
Guy: What??!?! No i don’t!
Me: It’s cool man, you don’t have to impress me.

He’s blown out, so I just ignore the fool, while I continue running game on my beach babe … we go behind the rocks, make out some more, and she gives me a blow job.

The Catholic Schoolgirl Type

A guy starts hitting on a girl only to realise she attends the ultraconservative Bob Jones University (BJU), so is a strict Christian and probably won’t hook up with him. He likes the girl, though, and decides to keep talking to her …

Me: So are you a good BJUer or a bad BJUer?
Girl: I’m sort of in between
Me: Oh. Well do you know where I can find some of the bad ones?

At one point I move to end the conversation and go look for for girls that might actually fuck me and she gives me a really lame excuse to stay. Something like, “My book’s boring, I don’t want to read it anymore.” The lesson: Give the chick some kind of excuse, ANY kind of excuse. It doesn’t even have to be good or make sense, chicks just need excuses for some reason.

We go back to my place, and she is a total freak who likes to be told what a dirty, nasty girl she is while she cums and shakes uncontrollably.

During our post-coital pillow talk, she said “When you asked me where the bad Bob Jones girls hung out, I wanted to say ‘You’re talking to one!'”

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