“Bag Girl” Field Report

Here’s a ‘Field Report’ of my own from a few years ago, although its pretty tame compared to the beauties over at mASF.

Bag Girl

I never actually caught the name of this young woman. I spotted her, carrying several bags, when waiting for the bus with [my previous date] (Queen St), and noticed she was hot. She walked off towards K Road. After [date]’s bus came, I caught up to ‘bag-girl’ and walked behind her for a little way. I thought, heck, its 1.30 in the morning, shes a lone girl and I’m wearing a beanie and a leather jacket. Dodgy! I almost wanted to call out and tell her I wasn’t scary. But that would stupid, now, wouldn’t it?

Then I realised that I could easily just talk to her. She was walking in the same direction as me. I could make it happen. So I walked up beside her and said, “Hi. Do you want someone to walk with?” (or something similar) and she sort of smiled and said “Why not?”. Awesome. (Just like David D says: nothing bad will happen).

So we walked from Queen St up towards K Road. It was pretty good conversation: the cold, how she lived in Dunedin, what she was doing, what I was doing (“Well I just had the weirdest experience actually. I met this girl for coffee at 3.00 and we really hit it off …) and so on. Pretty good stuff about sociology and discourse analysis, too, actually. She was nice and intelligent to talk to. Then when we got to the lights we established that I was going left and she was going right, and I said “nice to meet you”, she agreed, and I walked off.

If I hadn’t talked about [my date], I probably would have gone ahead and asked for her email/number – and she probably would have given it to me!


  • It IS possible to meet and converse with girls randomly in the street. I never knew!
  • Nothing bad ever happens. Just say hi!
  • I should have asked her name a few sentences into the conversation, or maybe even to start.
  • I certainly should have asked her name before we parted ways.
  • I should have screened her quickly (“So, are you single? Christian? Sane?”) at some point so I could decide whether to ask for her number.

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