There is only one cure for Oneitis:

Go Out And Find Ten Other Women*

Yes, that’s an ugly acronym, but it’s the only sure cure for One-itis.

I first started my journey after a very harsh breakup. I had a nasty case of oneitis for my ex, so I plunged into GOAFTOW. I didn’t actually end up finding ten women – it was more like four or five – but it worked. I was able to break the connection with my ex and I felt like I was really making progress with women. Having a set goal of finding ten attractive women to date was a concrete and (for me) lofty goal, but it also felt achievable (especially once I got going).

I ended up finding my current girlfriend just five women into my GOAFTOW cure, and I’m pretty happy with her. The difference between being in love with my previous girlfriend, who had been the object of my oneitis, and being in love now, oneitis free, is hard to describe. The main difference is that I don’t feel like the world would end if we broke up – but rather than that making me feel less attached, I simply feel more confident.  I’m not ‘loving in fear’ anymore.  My new attitude leaves me feeling free to love. Free to tease her and be cocky and funny.  Free to be interesting and challenging.  It is somehow easier to refrain from being clingy or boring (my inner wuss is dying).

GOAFTOW helps in four ways:

  1. Fixes your attitude. It WILL work. You DO know how to flirt; you ARE an attractive person. Girls DO like you and ARE attracted to you. You’re giving THEM the chance to get to know YOU.
  2. Increases your chances. It’s a numbers game: the more women you approach in the process of finding ten, the more success you’ll have.
  3. Helps you eliminate all obstacles. Personal hygiene, nice clothes, a nice smile, fresh breath, a clean house, made bed, condoms, and a clean bathroom – they’re all pretty simple, yet any one of them gone awry could trip up an otherwise hassle-free encounter. A goal of meeting ten women helps you remember to sort all those out.
  4. Gives you the right attitude – the NEXT attitude. One-itis is a horrible disease. You need to learn that you are the prize here. If someone says no, that’s their loss. (Next!)

After you’ve found ten wonderful women, will the one who you were hung up on really seem so great anymore? Even more than that, in the process you’ll have gained the skills to get almost any woman you’re attracted to. You won’t be a wuss anymore, and you’ll know ten attractive women!  Oneitis no more.

*Some people say that it should be ‘Fuck’ ten other women … I say finding them and dating them is close enough … you may disagree. 🙂


~ by wolfcub on May 14, 2007.

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