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… she had kissed like a woman who wants sex. She had kissed like a woman who knows that twenty men in an airplane are riveted on her, envying me, thinking, “If I could only get a crack at her …

Doctor O and The Good Doctors Sexy Wife over at We Connect are fantastic writers, who describe the purpose of their blog as “a resource manual for loving each other in meaningful ways”.  In this post, the Doctor gives an evocative description of wussiness/oneitis and then proceeds to exorcise his own inner wussy in a spectacular fashion.

She has always been strong. Very strong. Her early affairs were mostly disappointments because the men, like those on the plane, were proud to score her, but they couldn’t keep up with a smart woman with devastatingly piercing green eyes that never let up until they found what they were looking for. She reduced many of them to the point where their lives were little more than daily rounds of begging for her attention, while she got rapidly more and more bored with them.

What she told me on the night of our wedding was, “You keep being yourself, and not my slave, and I’m yours for life.”

I’d had a long, long time to think about that and what it meant. I’d felt our relationship ebb and flow, my own self-confidence — the energy that kept her turned on to me. She didn’t need some whiny little boy. She needed me, and she needed me strong. Had I been distracted, wimping out on her? Maybe so. Was I still myself, intelligent, self-willed, self-confident? Maybe not. And I knew her… she was no bitch, not selfish… but she needed something from me, and she needed it now. Alright then.

What does she need, and how will the Doctor give it to her?  Continue reading at We Connect


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  1. Laughing my ass off. Thanks for keeping it real…

    –The Good Doctor

  2. Thanks, Doctor O. 🙂

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