Yesterday I got this poem from my girlfriend. Sometimes we exchange poems or love letters, which is really nice. Now when you are reading this, you may recognise elements of wussiness, but remember, wussiness doesn’t count so much for girls, especially when they are in love. (If I had written this, it would be a different story).


What am I – without you?
Less than you without me!
I say to you,
From you comes “we”

We, that is, You and I,
Never I times two!
If one ever puts I first
Then the “we” – is gone.

My girlfriend didn’t write the poem, but she chose it. It is translated from German.

Everyone needs a girlfriend. 🙂


~ by wolfcub on May 17, 2007.

3 Responses to “Together”

  1. So she can be in love and need you, but you have to be thinking NEXT and practicing your flirting skills?

    I call bullshit :-p

  2. Well kiwicrog, I currently restrict flirting to my girlfriend only. I am in love with her and I do ‘need’ her, and I do tell her that.
    You have to balance that with what I said in a previous post:

    The difference between being in love with my previous girlfriend, who had been the object of my oneitis, and being in love now, oneitis free, is hard to describe. The main difference is that I don’t feel like the world would end if we broke up – but rather than that making me feel less attached, I simply feel more confident. I’m not ‘loving in fear’ anymore. My new attitude leaves me feeling free to love. Free to tease her and be cocky and funny. Free to be interesting and challenging. It is somehow easier to refrain from being clingy or boring (my inner wuss is dying!).

    Being confident, flirty, and having elements of a ‘next’ attitude aren’t incompatible with having an excellent relationship!

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