The Importance of Dating Skills

We all have friends that don’t have much luck with opposite sex. I have several*. Try putting yourself in their shoes. How many dates have they been on in the last year? You know they would make good boyfriends, so why don’t girls see that? It’s clear that these guys would love to have a relationship. Is the reason they don’t have a girlfriend really because they ‘haven’t found the right girl yet’ and it’s just a matter or time (and luck) – or is it because they aren’t confident enough to go ahead and talk to many (if any) girls?

Now I’m not exactly Mac Daddy himself – but I am so amazed that I have gotten from where I was to where I am now. I would love to see a lot of my male friends make similar progress. It’s difficult bringing the subject up, though – in fact, it’s probably best if they find this stuff themselves. The mASF forums describe it thus:

Don’t introduce [mASF] to anyone unless you know they are seeking to improve the same things as you. Why? Because through years of witnessing guys try to introduce this site to their AFC friends, the primary reactions of those friends have been negative because, until somebody understands this site or what it’s about, their ingrained societal beliefs simply overpower them. Only tell them when they’re ready or let them find the site through their own searches on the Internet.”

That said, I really enjoy talking obliquely about this stuff to people. Every girl I have talked to agrees that many men have a problem with talking to women. And just about every guy I talk to knows what I mean about ‘bad guys’ getting the girls.

Meeting and dating is so important because without making it through the dating phase, you aren’t going to be able to have a relationship. Wussy guys who aren’t confident and never talk to women don’t get many dates, and the few dates they might be ‘lucky’ enough to set up don’t tend to go well. They never end up back at the women’s place having breakfast the next day, or getting her to be his girlfriend … but they do get a lot of ‘Let’s Just Be Friends’ talks. The only way to improve that disastrous dating experience is to work on confidence and inner game and help guys learn how to be successful with women.


*What does it say about the average level of dating success in Auckland, NZ men that I was able to think of FIVE men, off the top of my head, who do not currently have girlfriends – but want them – and haven’t been on dates in, er, forever?


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  1. I know what you mean. I have a few mates like this and the annoying part is that they don’t want to do anything to change their situation. I don’t understand this.

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