Raw Sexual Chemistry


Han Solo and Princess Leia – an intense attraction hidden under insults …


I believe that between men and women there is an instinctual chemistry which communicates sexual attraction. Until a man understands this ancient connection, he won’t make any progress with women. It is the raw sexual chemistry underneath the social ritual which he doesn’t understand.

Once he does understand it, and can communicate on that level with women, it doesn’t matter what he says; he will have success with women

I think that these men understand the social ritual – that you’re meant to show interest, ask a woman out, take her to dinner, kiss her, and then you get to have sex – but that’s actually the least important part of the process. It is the verbal sparring, the eye contact, the raw crackling attraction that fires up between two people … that’s what really matters in the interaction. This isn’t obvious to a lot of men. Men and magazines talk and joke about ‘pickup lines’ and ‘when to call’ – but never mention chemistry, eye contact, attitudes and verbal aspects of the interaction.

Part of the reason that these men fail to drum up chemistry with women is that they think they have to hide their sex drive. What a mistake! I think most women want a sexual man. Women never mention this – when pressed, they insist they want a sensitive, caring, intelligent man with a sense of humour – but if a man doesn’t turn her on, get her a little hot under the collar, any attraction will wane and she will lose interest.

What a woman describes what she is looking for in a man (sense of humour etc) she means what she wants in a man she is already attracted to. If the man who got her blood flowing also happened to be intelligent, caring and have a sense of humour, she’d be in heaven! And as far as ‘caring’ goes, I once heard a woman describe how she needed her ideal lover to be aggressive and mean to the outside world – but be sensitive and loving to her and their children. Now that’s food for thought.




~ by wolfcub on July 29, 2007.

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