My Big Breakup Story

I was chatting to a friend the other day about my Big Breakup story. Here it is:

me: I think the thing with me and my girlfriend isn’t universal

Its a lesson I had to learn, but not everyone needs to learn it

Friend: tell me about it?

me: Well its not too complicated

We met at University, and I really liked her She didn’t respond until several months later I hooked up with a different girl  🙂 then she wanted me.

So we got together, I forgot about the other girl, and we went out for 2.5 years, lived together for 1 year

Eventually I realised she wasn’t quite the right girl for me (long-term)

So I broke it off and moved out, but we got together casually about 2 weeks later – BIG mistake This was Uni holidays time

we kept doing it until Uni started again, and then she said it had to stop

I guess its that whole “you don’t know what you’ve got till its gone”

I was heartbroken

I got anxiety/panic attacks

It was pretty nasty

So I decided I had to sort myself out. The problem was I couldn’t see myself with another girl

I was sort of worried she was the only girl in the whole world and I’d lost her I was never a natural with girls and stuff

So I decided that was the problem – lack of confidence with girls – and I set out to change that And I did! I learnt a lot, and pushed myself to put myself out of my comfort zone, and I went on lots of dates with pretty cute girls

After several months I met my current girlfriend and we’ve been going out for just about 3 years now

Looking back, I needed to go through the whole thing to grow up and I’m glad it happened

if I had married my first girlfriend I would never have felt that amazing depth of feeling like that

Friend: And never know anything about women either

me: Thats definitely part of it. But the main thing I learned is that it isn’t about that woman, or women, whatever

Its about you, and what you believe you are capable of

Who you believe yourself to be

Heh I sound like a self-help book 🙂


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  1. Wow, I really enjoy your posts 😀 Maybe you can remember Jesse’s Journal? That’s me, only this time I’m writing under my real name 😉 Haven’t forgot about you, so I wanted to let you know I’m still alive and reading your posts 😉
    Keep on writing, I love it!

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